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Everything About The D+A Podcast

The D+A Podcast drops every Thursday, hosted by Devin and co-host Alvin. Conversation about new music, events in pop-culture, and social issues in the black community. Special guest join the conversation every other episode. Plus, the podcast is heavily laced with undiscovered sounds from fresh artist. 

Food for Thought.

Sounds for Soul.

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Behind the Mic 1

Devin Tyler aka DevinNoOneCares aka GiveUhDamn himself, is a 26 year-old who's happiness resides in constant creation and influencing others. Born in Corpus Christi, Texas but residing in Denver, Colorado; it's all about getting out his dreams. By any means necessary. All with the hopes of using the gud (giveuhdamn) platform to one day change the world. 

Behind the Mic 2

Alvin Garnett aka Bones is a natural born athlete with a lot on his mind. The Carson California native finds his new home in Denver, Colorado where he strives to make the best life possible in his new journey in marriage. All of this while coaching the youth, figuring out his chef dreams and offering a unique perspective to gud's "D+A Podcast".