(artwork by  Ray Talamantez )

(artwork by Ray Talamantez)

What Devin Is Working On

The D+A Podcast drops every Thursday, hosted by Devin and co-host Alvin. Discussions about new music, events in pop-culture, and social issues in the black community. Special guest join the conversation every other episode. Plus, the podcast is heavily laced with undiscovered sounds from fresh artist.

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In college I wanted to create a brand that would serve as the canvas for any and every creative project I ever imagined. Sometimes when the opportunity isn’t there, you have to make your own.I created GiveUhDamn or better known as gud.

A progressive platform that aims to uplift the youth. From a creative; for the creatives. I want to push for freedom of expression, innovation and progression amongst the future creators and leaders of this world. Striving to give people like you and I a reason to never give up. No matter the circumstances in your life.

After years of blogging and creating my own digital magazines, I’ve finally founded the platform into the foundation it originally was meant to be. Gud only host The D+A Podcast at the moment, but much more is in store during the first half of 2019.

Much love to everyone chasing their dreams and taking the road less traveled. Anything is possible if you really want it.

Devin Tyler (DevinNoOneCares)